Intro to Gaia & V1 Plot, Genesis

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Intro to Gaia & V1 Plot, Genesis

Post by Crackers on Sat Sep 24, 2016 4:50 pm


Welcome, to an alternate version of the world, Earth. In the alternate universe the supercontinent that once existed never broke apart. On the mainland, the massive supercontinent of Gaia, wilderness and animals reign supreme. Four distinct habitats have been formed across it allowing for a diverse variety of animals, and on Gaia it isn't impossible for a lion to cross paths with a polar bear, it all depends on how far out of their natural habitat their capable of surviving.

Just off the western coast of Gaia is a small island called Rison, where a small settlement of humans live in a community known as Wynsor. Here, on the northern bank of their small island, they've managed to survive by carving out a living for themselves. One might compare them to pilgrims with their horse-drawn wagons, cabin-like houses, and farmers lifestyles, and they struggle each year to survive in the rugged wilderness.

Among them are the few domestics- dogs and wolf hybrids, cats, monkeys, horses, and livestock. Their lives are filled with work, those who lose their purpose being turned lose or sold. Survival is most necessary, and for domestic animals it isn't always easy. Some live semi-wild as strays in the surrounding woodlands and valleys on Rison, but most live within the small town-like community, working for a living or stealing scraps to survive.


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