Rules of the Site

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Rules of the Site

Post by Crackers on Sat Sep 24, 2016 5:01 pm


- No Powerplaying

- If you need help with something, please ask in the general ooc board- we won't bite, and would love to help Very Happy

- Be respectful to other members when ooc.

- Realistic animals only. When having litters make sure to only post realistic litter sizes and hybrids. Any hybrid litters (like wolfdogs or ligers) must be sent to a staff member to have a Dice rolled to determine if the breeding was a success and how many offspring there are, as we want to keep things fairly realistic.

- no graphic breeding

- Please be as realistic as possible in your roleplaying. A lion will freeze to death if it travels too far north, so please do some basic research on the species or breed you are RPing.

- Bios do not need to be accepted, but you will be asked to change it if it's found to be too unrealistic. Too many warnings may result in a temporary ban.


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